Airing Our Dirty Laundry with MyGreenFills

My package from MyGreenFills was one of the hardest due order (due to pop ups and requirements to get the “free” items), earliest to arrive, and hardest to review. It’s laundry soap! It works or it doesn’t. Right? In the end, I decided to wait to review it until we had used almost all ofContinue reading “Airing Our Dirty Laundry with MyGreenFills”

Try Treats: A Trip to Thailand

My Try Treats box came in the mail almost a month ago, and I was pleasantly surprised from the moment I opened it. Everything was nicely packaged, wrapped in a piece of tissue paper with a sticker of Thailand’s flag. There was a cute postcard with a picture of a temple in Thailand, another fullContinue reading “Try Treats: A Trip to Thailand”

So Much To Review! Everything Coming Up…

My birthday was Saturday. I asked for some boxes to try, and I got them! I will tell you now: if you order the Hunt A Killer subscription as a gift for someone you live with, you might want to arrange an alternate delivery location. I was so excited to see the box, I’m prettyContinue reading “So Much To Review! Everything Coming Up…”

Taming The Viking: Badass Beard Care

Badass Beard Care was very easy to order from, other than the almost overwhelming variety of scents they had to choose from. Obviously, I knew I wouldn’t be using this on myself, and since I really couldn’t tell what scent would be best from the descriptions, I went by name. What could possibly be moreContinue reading “Taming The Viking: Badass Beard Care”

For everyone out there who has ever been on bed rest… or gotten up late… or wishes they could just lie down…

I am currently on Day 10 of bed rest. First, I read about two dozen books. Then I spent about $100 on Amazon… in six separate orders! Even I realize that can’t continue. Purely by chance, I saw an ad on a site for a monthly subscription to something called Lunarly. I was intrigued. IContinue reading “For everyone out there who has ever been on bed rest… or gotten up late… or wishes they could just lie down…”