Airing Our Dirty Laundry with MyGreenFills

My package from MyGreenFills was one of the hardest due order (due to pop ups and requirements to get the “free” items), earliest to arrive, and hardest to review. It’s laundry soap! It works or it doesn’t. Right? In the end, I decided to wait to review it until we had used almost all of it and washed just about everything a busy family of 4-8 people can put in the washer.

The light weight of the package was confusing until I realized the soap is a powder to mix into liquid once it arrives.

I know that I spent $14, and I believe that to get my “free” soap samples, I had to buy one item. The $14 item was the stain stick, which is about 1.5 inches by 4 inches. The laundry soap comes in either scented or unscented. We also got a very tiny sample of oxygen booster.

The first step was to mix the soap.

Mixing the soap was difficult because I never did find the fill line, but it seemed okay. The soap is very thin, and was mostly bubbles for the first couple days. It was also not easy to convince my family to use “watery” soap, since they didn’t believe it was actually going to do anything. The oxygen booster didn’t seem to work any better or worse than what we normally use. Neither did the laundry soap. However, that’s actually saying something:

My family has a lot of skin allergies/sensitivities. We have had trouble in the past with even the soaps claiming to be free and clear. This might be part of the reason my family was so reluctant to try a new detergent.

The bubbles were hard to measure, but they settled down.

The winner of this order actually turned out to be the stain stick! I was disappointed that I spent $14 on something so small, and it took a while before we really had an opportunity to discover how well it worked.

Just a few days after placing my order with MyGreenFills, our roof developed a couple of leaks. Three inspections later, we were replacing the roof (by we, I mean my fiancé and two teenagers). My daughter refused to wear “work” clothes and kept sitting down on the roof, which meant that the backsides of several pairs of pants and leggings were almost black with tar from the old roofing material they were tearing off. I knew our regular stain sprays wouldn’t help, so I told her to try the stick as a last resort.

The stain stick smells strongly of turpentine and pine sap, and has to be rubbed on moistened cloth. It seemed unnecessarily complicated and we used plastic gloves for the process. To everyone’s surprise, the tar stains were completely gone! That stain stick from MyGreenFills is now our go to for stubborn stains. It’s small, but it doesn’t use much.

MyGreenFills charges $14 each for 1-2 items, $12 each for 3-4 items, and $9 each for 5+ items. I would say they work as well as what we currently use, and better in the case of the stain stick. For me, the decision to cancel my subscription was purely financial (I currently spend $5 for 50 loads of detergent, and about $4 for oxygen booster). I estimate that enough detergent for all of our laundry would cost about $36 a month, compared to the $14 we currently spend. However, MyGreenFills doesn’t use toxic chemicals, and the jug is reusable, which is obviously better for the environment.

I also have to mention that MyGreenFills is kind of an obnoxious site to use. When making my original order, I had to go through four pop ups trying to sell me more products before I could check out. Canceling was also difficult, requiring an emailed request. Even after that, they would not simply cancel my subscription. Instead, they put it on hold for six months, and I get emails from them pretty much daily.

Until I go back to work, I have to stay with the much cheaper option since it works just as well. However, I might revisit this subscription once there is a baby in the house. MyGreenFills is a maybe, though I wish they were less pushy!

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