Try Treats: A Trip to Thailand

My Try Treats box came in the mail almost a month ago, and I was pleasantly surprised from the moment I opened it. Everything was nicely packaged, wrapped in a piece of tissue paper with a sticker of Thailand’s flag. There was a cute postcard with a picture of a temple in Thailand, another full of facts with a traditional recipe, and a detailed card describing the snacks. Best of all, there were two of almost everything! I decided to turn the treat box into a date box with a movie (unfortunately, it was harder than expected to choose a date appropriate movie representing Thailand—after way too much thought and research, we chose Anna and the King, which neither of us had ever seen).

I’m very excited about this box!

Pocky are something I am extremely familiar with, so I already knew I would like them. If you don’t know, Pocky are slightly sweet crunchy biscuits dipped in either chocolate or what seems like a flavored yogurt dip (like a yogurt dipped pretzel). These were strawberry, which I’ve actually never bought because I hate strawberry flavor. They tasted like they were dipped in Strawberry Quik, and after the initial surprise, I decided I loved them! My daughter also found quite a few reasons to wander through the room and lurk until I handed some over.

The strawberry flavor was better than expected!

Next, we had a solar dried banana. It looked like a small, flattened, black banana. I tried it, but it smelled like vinegar to me and I just couldn’t get past it. My fiancé said he didn’t smell that at all, and he finished off the whole thing. Neither of us particularly enjoyed it.

I couldn’t get past the possibly imaginary vinegar scent. Also, the picture looks more appealing than the reality.

There were two seaweed rolls, one regular and one spicy. I do not like seaweed at all. I hated sushi for years before discovering it’s really the seaweed I object to. Living on the coast, I’ve tried it many different ways: fresh, sautéed, baked… it just isn’t my thing. I tried it, and I can absolutely verify that it tastes like seaweed. My fiancé loved it, and crunched down both rolls in no time. He said they were pretty good—I had no idea he even liked seaweed!

The rolls were very crisp and flavorful.

The last of our three snacks were all cakes made by Euro. They provided one Ellse Chocolate Cake and two each of the regular custard and chocolate custard cakes.

They gave us enough to share!

The Euro cakes all had a similar texture, which was oddly light but also almost like styrofoam to cut through. The cakes were dry on the outside, and dense in the center where the cake had absorbed the custard. My fiancé said they remind him of the Mexican pastries the grocery stores in California sell (for him, this was a bad thing, but I like those pastries). My daughter found excuses to be in the room again when we opened the pastries, so I shared with her. She thought they were “weird,” but she finished all of her pieces. I liked that they were not too sweet or heavy, but I kept getting an alcohol flavor/scent. I checked the ingredients multiple times and there was no explanation for it. I would eat them again with tea or coffee.

It was a very pleasant experience.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Try Treats experience. I’m glad we added to it with a movie (who knows, maybe one day they’ll make TryTreats date boxes which include a movie), and can’t wait for next month’s box!

Yes, that’s right: I’m keeping this subscription. At $13.95, I feel like this box was absolutely worth it. I liked the presentation, the fact that each box has a theme, and the inclusion of sweet and savory. I will update in a couple of weeks after we try our next box! or find it on Amazon (like I did)

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