Love with Food—just not ALL the food

Our first box of food!

Alright, last night we bit the bullet (and some other stuff), and tried our first Love with Food box. Normally, I love trying new foods. Sure, I have a few allergies, but other than that, pretty much my only limit is bugs. Sorry, I just can’t. Oh, and eyeballs. Lucky for me, there were definitely no bugs or eyeballs in the box!

Unluckily for me, there is only a small window during the day that my stomach isn’t feeling queasy. I told my fiancé I wanted him to try the foods with me, and he’s at work during that window. Last night, we went for it anyway.

This is the plan I signed up for at

The site says they will send “new, organic or all-natural” snacks every month. As someone who spends a fair amount of time in the health food aisles, I was pleasantly surprised by the selection they sent me. Although I was familiar with some of the brands, I had never tried a single one of the products in the box.

What we got in the box.

We started easy with the Tillamook Original Smoked Meat Stick. My fiancé judged it bland compared to their pepperoni sticks, but I enjoyed it. The Kodiak Cakes Honey Bear Bites were the only things the kids agreed to taste. They were pretty good, though after 6-7, it was a bit like chewing cardboard. Going along with the cardboard theme, we did not enjoy the G2G Almond Coconut Protein Bar as much as we hoped. The list of ingredients was nicely short, and organic. It tasted the way coconut oil smells, so that was okay. However, there was SO MUCH chewing for so little flavor and texture! When my fiancé handed it to me, he said, “Now you get to eat the box.” He also said it was “worse than the pop tart thing.”

“The pop tart thing” is the strawberry chia Smart Tart, which was soft baked. There was no crunch or texture, and it left my mouth coated with a sugar alcohol taste. COATED. I couldn’t even get rid of the flavor with hot tea and a few more Bear Bites.

The Nature’s Garden cranberry health mix was our first and only allergy hurdle. My fiancé is allergic to walnuts, which seemed to be the main ingredient. He complained that there was “walnut on everything,” but gave it a try anyway. He found it bland since it’s just a mix of unsalted nuts and unsweetened dried fruit. I might have liked a bit of salt, but I’m finishing the snack mix now, as I’m writing. On the opposite side of the fruit snack spectrum, we had a Haddar 100% raspberry fruit bar. It tasted as if someone took seedless raspberry jam, spread it out in a strip, and dried it. It was a bit sweet for me, but my fiancé enjoyed it. My notes read: “squished jelly.” Yes, I actually took notes. How ridiculously seriously I’m taking this is just another sign of how boring bed rest is.

Finally, there was a bag of barbecue flavor Popcorners Flex Protein Crisps. I could only eat one. They had a very nice crunchy texture, but something about the flavor angered my stomach. My fiancé ate half the bag, and put the other half in a bag to take in his lunch today.

He liked them enough to save some for lunch.

Overall, there were a few snacks we each liked. I’m not sure we’re going to race to the store to buy more, but it was nice to try them without having to buy full size packages. Two of the snacks (the G2G Protein Bar and the Smart Tart) went out to the chickens—yes, we have chickens, and yes, they enjoy food scraps.

For under $10 a month, if you want to try some surprise healthy snacks every month, I think Love with Food is probably worth it. I’ll let you know if that changes after I try the other boxes (although I’m pretty sure they’re actually all the same parent company: Snacknation).

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