So Much To Review! Everything Coming Up…

My birthday was Saturday. I asked for some boxes to try, and I got them! I will tell you now: if you order the Hunt A Killer subscription as a gift for someone you live with, you might want to arrange an alternate delivery location. I was so excited to see the box, I’m pretty sure my reaction would be described as a “squeal.” I hope it lives up to expectations!

So many boxes!

My oldest daughter’s response to the Hunt A Killer box? “Oh, I solved a murder last week.” Said with absolutely no change in facial expression at all. She went on, “It was my homework.” She’s majoring in criminal justice. (Side note: I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to rip open her forensic kit when it arrived!)

My other two boxes are food related. By mistake, one is not a monthly subscription, but it is a box of Japanese treats that costs about the same, so I told my fiancé I would review it anyway. Hopefully no one minds. I just have to wait until the morning sickness allows me to try 27 completely random items (product names and ingredients are all in Japanese, and the pictures do not help).

Upcoming reviews will include: Mygreenfills, Love with Food (two months worth), an Ohimesama Snack Selection from Amazon, Hunt A Killer, Worldwide Treats, Date Box Club, Crated with Love, and more!

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I am a mother and teacher, living on the coast. I’ve been dealing with anxiety, grief, and loss, but am trying to find my way forward. I love fog, books, redwoods, hammocks, blankets with lots of textures, the ocean... oh, and surprise packages!

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