Taming The Viking: Badass Beard Care

Welcome box.

Badass Beard Care was very easy to order from, other than the almost overwhelming variety of scents they had to choose from. Obviously, I knew I wouldn’t be using this on myself, and since I really couldn’t tell what scent would be best from the descriptions, I went by name. What could possibly be more appropriate for my 6’5” blonde, blue-eyed fiancé than “The Viking?”

The Viking said it smelled of white fir, orange, and a hint of clove, with a medium strength fragrance. The free trial, which only cost $1.95 to ship, also included Badass Beard Wash, which had a very strong eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint fragrance.

The website.

I loved the packaging! The velvet bag was especially adorable, though I am not sure how much guys care about packaging. The guitar pick actually serves a purpose, as I discovered when I read the directions (I will tell you in a minute).

As I mentioned, the beard wash has a strong scent. It is very thick, and was hard to get out of the little bottle. As my fiancé lathered up, he said it reminded him of lice shampoo. Immediately, I said, “That’s not good!” But he said it actually wasn’t bad, and he didn’t mind the smell. It made my eyes water, but the strong smell rinsed away almost completely, which I appreciated.

Washing the beard.

The next part was a bit complicated (for me). The directions weren’t clear on whether the oil and balm should be used in the shower or out, on a damp beard or a dry one. Have I mentioned that I am glad I don’t have a beard?! We went with out, just after drying, only because it was easier for me to take pictures. I’m thinking that was the wrong choice.

The oil and balm both had The Viking scent, which was light and citrusy, but in a manly way. I applied the oil first, which said to use 3-6 drops per inch, so I used about 9. It was… oily. My fiancé doesn’t use oil, so it was new for both of us (he’s only had a beard for about three years—it was a very pleasant surprise that it grew in so nicely). The guitar pick was very useful in getting the balm out of the jar without getting it under my nails.

They include the pick for a reason.

After the balm, my fiancé said his beard felt a little greasy and heavy. He was able to brush it almost straight out. Luckily for me, he didn’t keep it that way!

Not my favorite style!

As the day progressed, he noticed his beard actually seemed drier and “stringier” than normal. He also hangs his sunglasses on his shirt collar when they aren’t on his face, and complained that they kept getting greasy. Sometimes when he turned his head, he would catch a whiff of the scent, which he found unsettling since he “isn’t a cologne or perfume type person.” I also caught whiff of it now and then, but I thought it smelled nice in a subtle way. The other issue we had is that my chin actually broke out slightly from the greasiness—no more greasy beard products or no more kisses!

The finished Viking beard.

Overall, most of the Badass products are not for us. They do offer something called Hog Wash, which is meant for daily cleaning and comes in all of their usual scents. Since I enjoyed The Viking scent, I will probably order this for my fiancé ($19.99 for 8oz). For those who regularly use beard oils and balms, you should give Bad Ass Beard Care a try. They don’t make you commit to a monthly shipment, and you can try it for $1.95, so you have almost nothing to lose. The prices are reasonable (most balms are $12.99 for 2oz, and they even have an unscented one if you prefer).

Since you only order the products you want, and you aren’t committed to automatic shipments, I highly recommend giving Badass Beard Care (badassbeardcare.com) a try, as long as you have a beard, or a loved one with a beard. I’m actually going to try the leftover oil in place of my lavender Belli oil!

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