Snags already?!

In which the author hits a few snags…

The first part of reviewing boxes is to GET boxes to review! Imagine my disappointment when I declared my intent and not a single box appeared.

I started with Find Your Anchor, because it is September (suicide awareness month), because I’ve struggled the past few years, and because I wanted to see if their boxes might be something my school district would be interested in ordering. Their website was simple and easy to use, and they operate on donations. It was a great start.

Next, I ordered from Nadine West. This involved a fun quiz with pictures. The fee was waived for my first month. From there, I went to Love with Food. This site was also very pleasant, but here I hit my first snag. The box would not arrive for OVER a month! But for another $8.49, they offered to ship a box immediately. I guess I have no choice…

Blue Bottle was my next stop—I must remember to cancel these subscriptions! I love coffee, but I’m also avoiding caffeine right now, so maybe I’ll just drink tiny cups?

Badassbeardcare had a great site, though their options were almost overwhelming. I chose Viking, because the name seemed most appropriate for my fiancé. If I was a guy, I think I might enjoy trying a new scent every month. Or would I? I don’t know.

The most complicated site I ran into was MyGreenFills. If I bought one item, I got two free (a total of $14). However, before I could check out, four full-page pop-ups came up, wanting to sell me every item they have.

Finally, the snags that ended my day of subscribing: Munchpak would not allow me to purchase or subscribe because one of the other companies I ordered from is an affiliate. I could not find anything in their terms that said this was a problem. WHY is it a problem? What business cares if someone wants to give them twice as much money?! While I was trying to figure out that mystery, my phone rang. It was my bank. They detected unusual activity on my card. Probably a sign that I should quit for the day and regroup tomorrow.

So far, I have subscribed to boxes for snacks, self-care, household goods, clothing, and toiletries. Ship fast, my little friends!

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I am a mother and teacher, living on the coast. I’ve been dealing with anxiety, grief, and loss, but am trying to find my way forward. I love fog, books, redwoods, hammocks, blankets with lots of textures, the ocean... oh, and surprise packages!

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