Nadine West: Not What I Expected

Another box has arrived—actually, it’s a bag. A big, shiny, pink bag. I’ve been really excited to see what I get from Nadine West! Their site says they send 4-7 items featuring “surprise outfits perfectly styled just for me.” It goes on to say that there are usually two tops, a bottom, a dress, and a couple of pieces of jewelry or a seasonal accessory.

Everything was brightly packaged!

My “outfit” consists of navy and white floral leggings, a black and olive long sleeve shirt, earrings, bracelet, and necklace. My first disappointment is that it isn’t actually an outfit. It doesn’t match. My shipment is also 60% jewelry, which is truly not what I expected, and not very useful for me (due to metal allergies, I never trade out my earrings, and I’m hesitant to wear unknown materials). The total value of the items in the bag is $89.95.

This is my “outfit.”

The earrings are $11.99 to keep, as is the necklace (I am wearing it in the shirt picture). The necklace is cute, but I don’t generally wear chains quite that high on my neck, and I’m wary of strange metals. My oldest daughter, who took the photos for me, agreed that it was cute, but thought she could probably get something sterling silver without spending much more. The bracelet is $22.99, and we both thought it felt cheap. My daughter even asked if it was made of plastic. I did not model it.

At first glance, I liked the shirt. At $27.99 to keep, it is the most expensive thing in the package. The material is nice and soft, and I do like the colors. However, when I put it on, I immediately noticed that it was cut oddly on the sides. Instead of a straight hem, or even a hi-lo hem, there were high scoops over each hip. They kind of… accentuated my hips, making them look larger than I would ever want them to! With almost any other hem, I probably would have kept the shirt.

The shirt… and the necklace.
Don’t look at my hips!
The seams weren’t quite right on the sides, either.

I tried on the leggings next. They were soft, warm, and plenty long enough (I’m 5’8”, so this is not always the case). They also feel familiar. Very, very familiar.

I had to wear solid black with them because nothing else matched!
Leggings Depot is my favorite brand.

So, I noticed the tag when I took them off. Leggings Depot is my favorite brand of leggings! I probably own 50 pairs. This was a good choice, except for the color (although if you’re going to get some, I recommend the yoga waist—much more comfortable, and they’re gradually releasing it in more patterns). As I mentioned in the caption, nothing I own matched them, and neither did the shirt that came in this package. When I referred back to the packing slip, I noticed that it would cost $14.99 to keep the leggings. Did I mention how many pairs I already have?

My leggings drawer. Sorry it isn’t neater.

I only bring it up again because I usually pay $10.99-11.99 on Amazon. I don’t mind that Nadine West has a $9.78 shipping/styling fee, since they’re finding outfits and sending them to me, but I don’t want to be overcharged at the same time.

Nadine West waived the fee for my first shipment, which I appreciate. The leggings were a good choice for me (did they just know?), and the shirt was close… sort of. Everything else was a miss. They make it very easy to return items—simply put it back in the bag with the slip, and stick the return label (included) over the original label. If there had been less jewelry and more clothing, I might have tried a couple more shipments.

I saw some pretty cute things from Nadine West in other reviews online. I just didn’t happen to get anything exceptional. If you like jewelry more than I do, I would say give it a try, especially if you also get the first month’s shipping waived.

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I am a mother and teacher, living on the coast. I’ve been dealing with anxiety, grief, and loss, but am trying to find my way forward. I love fog, books, redwoods, hammocks, blankets with lots of textures, the ocean... oh, and surprise packages!

One thought on “Nadine West: Not What I Expected

  1. The leggings are cute, and I don’t wear leggings, but I don’t know what I would wear them with. I bought a pair from LuLuMon and I wear them for sleeping. ha ha. That shirt is ugly, and I agree that it would be cuter with a different hem. I did enjoy reading your review.


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