For everyone out there who has ever been on bed rest… or gotten up late… or wishes they could just lie down…

I am currently on Day 10 of bed rest. First, I read about two dozen books. Then I spent about $100 on Amazon… in six separate orders! Even I realize that can’t continue.

Purely by chance, I saw an ad on a site for a monthly subscription to something called Lunarly. I was intrigued. I wanted it, whatever IT was! So I searched for reviews, and found some, only to discover that Lunarly boxes come with houseplants. I love houseplants—so much that I have about 20 of them. Since I couldn’t think of anywhere to put another plant (note to Lunarly people: if you send me a box, I’ll figure it out!), I didn’t order it. But it did make me wonder what other boxes are out there. Since I’m stuck at home for the time being, I decided I want to investigate the world of monthly subscription boxes. Surprise packages are my favorite thing in the world! I will happily unpack office supplies (actually, that’s not saying much, because I also love office supplies). Either way, I’m going to order some boxes, open them, explore the things inside them—glee!—and let you know what I think. There will be photos. Oh, yes, *somehow* there will be photos.

I’m going to get at least one of every box I can find/afford, no matter who the target audience is (some of them seem very, VERY specific), and I am determined to use EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. Or at least—someone in my house will use them while I observe. Like I said, some seem to be really very oddly specific. Also, I don’t eat pet treats, so there’s that…

Published by CupcakeMomma

I am a mother and teacher, living on the coast. I’ve been dealing with anxiety, grief, and loss, but am trying to find my way forward. I love fog, books, redwoods, hammocks, blankets with lots of textures, the ocean... oh, and surprise packages!

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