So Much To Review! Everything Coming Up…

My birthday was Saturday. I asked for some boxes to try, and I got them! I will tell you now: if you order the Hunt A Killer subscription as a gift for someone you live with, you might want to arrange an alternate delivery location. I was so excited to see the box, I’m pretty sure my reaction would be described as a “squeal.” I hope it lives up to expectations!

So many boxes!

My oldest daughter’s response to the Hunt A Killer box? “Oh, I solved a murder last week.” Said with absolutely no change in facial expression at all. She went on, “It was my homework.” She’s majoring in criminal justice. (Side note: I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to rip open her forensic kit when it arrived!)

My other two boxes are food related. By mistake, one is not a monthly subscription, but it is a box of Japanese treats that costs about the same, so I told my fiancé I would review it anyway. Hopefully no one minds. I just have to wait until the morning sickness allows me to try 27 completely random items (product names and ingredients are all in Japanese, and the pictures do not help).

Upcoming reviews will include: Mygreenfills, Love with Food (two months worth), an Ohimesama Snack Selection from Amazon, Hunt A Killer, Worldwide Treats, Date Box Club, Crated with Love, and more!

Blue Bottle Coffee: Not Our Bag, Baby

As many of you know, I’m not supposed to be be drinking much caffeine right now. However, I refuse to get out of bed without my one cup of coffee in the morning (full disclosure: that cup of coffee is 1/3 decaf). But I love coffee. My coffee. That might have been the problem when we tried Blue Bottle Coffee.

I love the color card, and the hints about what it should taste like!
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Nadine West: Not What I Expected

Another box has arrived—actually, it’s a bag. A big, shiny, pink bag. I’ve been really excited to see what I get from Nadine West! Their site says they send 4-7 items featuring “surprise outfits perfectly styled just for me.” It goes on to say that there are usually two tops, a bottom, a dress, and a couple of pieces of jewelry or a seasonal accessory.

Everything was brightly packaged!
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Taming The Viking: Badass Beard Care

Welcome box.

Badass Beard Care was very easy to order from, other than the almost overwhelming variety of scents they had to choose from. Obviously, I knew I wouldn’t be using this on myself, and since I really couldn’t tell what scent would be best from the descriptions, I went by name. What could possibly be more appropriate for my 6’5” blonde, blue-eyed fiancé than “The Viking?”

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This One Is Serious: Find Your Anchor

Find Your Anchor box

Today, my box arrived from Find Your Anchor. Find Your Anchor is not really a monthly subscription, but it is a box, and it’s the first thing I ordered. I wanted this blog to be kind of light-hearted, fun (for me, anyway, with all the surprises coming in the mail!), and informative. This post will not be all of those things.

To explain why I ordered this box first, and why I’m talking about this box first, I’m going to have to give you a little bit of personal background. It isn’t fun; I’m sorry.

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For everyone out there who has ever been on bed rest… or gotten up late… or wishes they could just lie down…

I am currently on Day 10 of bed rest. First, I read about two dozen books. Then I spent about $100 on Amazon… in six separate orders! Even I realize that can’t continue.

Purely by chance, I saw an ad on a site for a monthly subscription to something called Lunarly. I was intrigued. I wanted it, whatever IT was! So I searched for reviews, and found some, only to discover that Lunarly boxes come with houseplants. I love houseplants—so much that I have about 20 of them. Since I couldn’t think of anywhere to put another plant (note to Lunarly people: if you send me a box, I’ll figure it out!), I didn’t order it. But it did make me wonder what other boxes are out there. Since I’m stuck at home for the time being, I decided I want to investigate the world of monthly subscription boxes. Surprise packages are my favorite thing in the world! I will happily unpack office supplies (actually, that’s not saying much, because I also love office supplies). Either way, I’m going to order some boxes, open them, explore the things inside them—glee!—and let you know what I think. There will be photos. Oh, yes, *somehow* there will be photos.

I’m going to get at least one of every box I can find/afford, no matter who the target audience is (some of them seem very, VERY specific), and I am determined to use EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. Or at least—someone in my house will use them while I observe. Like I said, some seem to be really very oddly specific. Also, I don’t eat pet treats, so there’s that…